It has been years since we operate our nightclubs tour. Our fast growing company had over 100,000 party goers coming from all around the world to celebrate a special event or just to socialize with friends or new ones.


Some adventures are better without a tour guide to lead the way, like climbing a mountain to find yourself. Other times, it’s best to listen to the experts’ advice.


“Your Las Vegas Guide” is a VIP service specialized in the nightlife industry. It is a promotion company for nightclubs and ultra-lounges. Its goal is to provide party goers of 21 years old minimum (legal age to drink alcohol), the opportunity to gain access in the same night to the city of Las Vegas classiest, flashiest 4 hot spots with no line, no cover, and free drinks in a memorable party bus experience.


To further realize how attractive this deal is, you need to consider several aspects:


  • Save money


Once you are registered, you are guided the all night by a VIP host. All cover charges are included.


  •  No waist of time


No need to stay in the general admission line outside of the club(s) or trying to obtain the door man attention, your VIP host is there for you.


  • No need to designate a driver or pay for expensive taxi cab fares


A party bus is included in the package. The nightclub on wheels can drive up to 50 people per bus and will take you from place to place


  • Socialize with new people


Your Las Vegas Guide is a great way to socialize with friends or new partygoers coming from different countries or states. The type of celebrations includes birthdays, bachelorette/bachelor parties, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, weekend getaways, and divorce parties.





Guests need to bring only three things: a valid ID, an appropriate business or dress-casual attire, and a great attitude.



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