IMG_6714Name: Xavier

Nickname: Xman

Nationality: French/American

Languages: French/English/Spanish in learning progress…(perhaps you can help him!)

Favorite quote: “I live for the nights that i can’t remember with the people that i won’t forget.” Drake

Food: Chocolate absolute lover       Color: Blue        Movie: Cast Away

About him: Came to the United States in year 2000 from Paris France to live the American Dream. Xavier modeled in Los Angeles for fitness magazines and diverse commercial advertisements. The XMan moved to Las Vegas and became an entertainer for Chippendales. After studying for 7 years and earning a degree with a major in communication and minor in marketing , Xavier trained and worked with MGM Grand hotel as a nightclub host for 7 years then decided to go back in the path of management and leadership. His experience in customer service, knowledge in the hospitality industry including reception/guest assistance/entertainment, and connections in the nightlife business will help you have an unforgettable night. Follow the guide! No line, No Cover, No taxis, No Brainer! With Xavier, you are in good hands!



Nickname: Playboy

Nationality: American from Jacksonville, FL

About him: His hobbies are working out, dancing, and spending time with his wife.

Food: Fish and Rice       Movie: Avatar            Color: Red

His dream: To surf pipeline waves

Sexiest part of a woman: Smile

Biggest turn on with a woman: A classy woman with an outgoing personality and sense of humor.




charles-EmugName: Charles

Nickname: The Veteran

 Nationality: American from Philadelphia, PA

About him: His hobbies are Jiu-jitsu, bicycling and motorcycles.

 Food: Chipotle       Color: Don’t care about colors          Movie: Zeitgeist

His dream: Living off the grid

Sexiest part of a woman: Smile

Biggest turn on with a woman: A sweet, kind, and caring woman.




chaun-EmugName: Shaun 

Nickname: Smooth operator

Nationality: American from Arlington, TX

About him: He enjoys the nature by hiking, boating, fishing, kayaking, or walking on the beach. He loves reading, dancing, and working out.

Food: Chilean Sea Bass, white rice, and vegetables.          Color: Electric blue          Movie: All Madagascar movies

His dreams: Go the heaven and to play piano

Sexiest part of a woman: Smile

Biggest turn on with a woman: A woman that cares care of her health and is independent.




chris-EmugName: Chris

Nickname: Poster boy

Nationality: American for Las Vegas, NV

About him: He loves to play and/or watch football, go to concerts, play frisbee golf, and ride his motorcycle.

Food: Cereal        Color:  Red           Movie:  Ace Ventura

His dream: Squirrel diving

Sexiest part of a woman: Eyes

Biggest turn on with a woman: The way a woman presents her confidence and carries herself.




derek-EmugName: Derek

Nickname: The Rookie

Nationality: Manhattan, IL

About him: He loves to learn new things. The perfect day would be to start working out, then going on an adventure, learning something new and ending the it by dancing.

Food: Mom’s healthy cooking

His dream: Dancing in Las Vegas

Sexiest part of a woman: Soul

Biggest turn on with a woman: Sexy and intelligent.




dwayne-EmugName: Dwayne

Nickname: Heartbreaker

Nationality: American from Manhasset, NY

About him:  He loves to treat himself to a movie, play chest, or to be active in a boot camp training style workout.

Food: French toast with powdered sugar, cinnamon and syrup          Color: Navy blue           Movie: Fast and the Furious

His dream: Skydiving

Sexiest part of a woman: He has many… Booty, smile, and pretty feet.

Biggest turn on with a woman: Confidence




garo-EmugName: Garo

Nickname: Bad Boy Boston

Nationality: American, Cambridge, MA

About him: He loves rock climbing and drawing.

Food: Chocolate covered strawberries         Color: Dark green      Movie: Godfellas

His dream: Deep sea diving

Sexiest part of a woman: The whole package

Biggest turn on in a woman: Sense of humor. A woman that can take his sarcasm and dish it right back out is sexy.




joel-EmugName: Joel

Nickname: Latin Lover

Nationality: Dominican Republic

About him: He loves baseball, martial arts, swimming, nature, and playing the guira (instrument)

Food: Grilled meats, fruits, and vegetables.       Color: Turquoise         Movie: Men of Honor

His dream: Skydiving

Sexiest part of a woman: Her personality

Biggest turn on in a woman: Passion. To provide that slow, deep kiss where we are suddenly the only two in a sea of people.




keith-EmugName: Keith

Nickname: Mama’s Boy

Nationality: American from Philadelphia, PA

About him: He loves basketball, snowboarding, acting, and musical theatre.

Food: Sushi      Color:  Light Blue    Movie:  Rocky

His dream: Squirrel diving

Sexiest part of a woman: Boobs

Biggest turn on in a woman: Sense of humor




kyle-EmugName: Kyle

Nickname: Lady Killer

Nationality: American from Chesapeake, VA

About him: He loves kickboxing, meditation, and watching sunsets.

Food: All flavor of ice-cream    Color: Purple      Movie: The Matrix

His dream: Skydiving. He always dreamed to fly like Superman.

Sexiest part of a woman: It varies woman to woman as everyone has a different and unique attribute about herself.

Biggest turn on in a woman: He get turned on by intense, deep, long eye contact.




nate-EmugName: Nate

Nickname: Midnite Cowboy

Nationality: American from San Jose, CA

About him: He loves drawing, rock climbing, and spending time with its dogs.

Food: Hamburgers      Color:  Royal blue         Movie: Saving Silverman

His dream: Surfing

Sexiest part of a woman: Eyes

Biggest turn on in a woman: He likes nerdy women, someone who can laugh at his Chewbacca impression.





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