About to have hangover

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About to have hangover

The pre-party. Eat!

Alcohol absorbs faster on an empty stomach, so preload with food. The zinc from oyster, pumpkin seeds or supplement will help detoxify your body of whatever poison you pick later. Hangover

Take vitamins

Your body uses up a lot of vitamins and nutrients when metabolizing alcohol, while alcohol itself destroys essential B vitamins. Depleted of these vitamins, your body has a tough time whipping itself back into shape, leading to the dreaded hangover. You can help your poor liver out by taking a vitamin supplement leading up to any major drinking event. For the most effective results, opt for B complex, B6 or B12 vitamins.

Vitamin B supplements can be found in most drug stores and supermarkets, or you can increase your intake of B vitamins naturally by eating liver, meat and other animal products, such as milk and cheese.[4]


At the party. Better stay in the clear!

Brown liquor such as scotch, tequila, dark beer and red wine contain substances called congeners that give the drinks their flavor and you a hangover. Gin and vodka are a better choice. Hangover


Chase each cocktail with a glass of water. Liquor is a diuretic, so it dehydrates you as you drink leading to headaches. Hangover

Eat again!

Snacks on healthy fats such as walnuts or avocados to slow down the absorption of alcohol, fructose-rich honey and fruit juice will help you metabolize it faster.

After the party. Last drink

A glass of water right before sleeping and you need a lot of sleep because alcohol gives you a poor quality one. Hangover

Brunch smart

Your body needs food. Alcohol and mixers are high in sugar, so a hangover is in large part a mega sugar crash. Eat eggs, they contain cysteine, an amino acid that counteract with acetaldehyde. Replenish your electrolytes with a sports drink. Because alcohol expands blood vessels which causes headaches, drink a cup of coffee to relieve the pain. If your head is still aching, take ibuprofen. Hangover

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